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Welcome to the Disability:IN Resume Database

Disability:IN Resume Database

Identify Disability:IN NextGen Leaders (students and recent graduates with disabilities who are participating in the current year’s NextGen Leaders program) and experienced talent (including NextGen Alumni) for your available career opportunities.

How to use the Resume Database

  • Use various filter options. You may check as many filters, or none at all. Be sure to click “Search” at the bottom.
  • Examine search results and click on individual names to view more information and/or download individual resumes. Once you are on their individual ‘profile’ you may “Download Resume”.

Additional Tips:

  • Download the entire database in Excel (CSV) format. Select “Export Full Database” and the file will be downloaded.

More information / Help

For login errors, technical challenges, or to schedule a tutorial please email [email protected] or [email protected].

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